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Giving NomadBSD a spin

 Today I got a nice USB key, that does both USB-A and USB-C connectivity. So I followed the instructions on the download page . Tried to download from the London based mirror, but that led to a 404. Looked at the contact page and got all pumped up because they are present on, just a `join` away. Unfortunately, the channel is empty, but *registered*. So my options are either mailing list or forum. I went for the thing that works email. Email sent. I downloaded from anothe mirror and dded the image to the usb stick.  Rebooted and chose boot from usdb to get the following screen: And here you go for a second email on the mailing list. I think I might try booting in bios, not uefi mode, but would like to see if people on the project are active. Edit: Mirror issue is fixed and affected New York as well. I tried to boot on another machine and got similar results. Switching to legacy boot didn't work either.
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Using vagrant with libvirt on fedora 40

  sudo dnf install @virtualization then follow the guide from Fedoramagazine at sudo systemctl enable --now virtnetworkd add your user to the libvirt group  install the sshfs package see reboot  

Billet pour la mongolie ....

 Donc hier après trois semaines d'attente et une montée significative de prix. J'ai enfin pu après quelques essais acheter les billets via Turkish airlines.  J'ai commencé pas mal m'y prendre. En effet, j'ai posé mes vacances de manière arbitraire, sans me soucier du fait qu'il n'y a pas forcément de vol le jour en question. Ergo, quand mes dates de vacances ont été approuvées, j'ai vu un gros delta en termes de prix entre ma date de départ et le jour précédent. Je me retourne vers mon management pour demander un jour supplémentaire. Je ne l'aurais pas, mais on décale mes trois semaines d'un jour. Une fois la chose approuvée, je me dépêche d'aller sur le site de TK, que je visite en mode privée depuis deux semaines.  Je choisis les dates, les vols et je remplie le questionnaire passager. Je clique su payer et là : pages blanches, avec un message en anglais indiquant qu'ils n'ont pas accès aux vols (j'ai oublié de faire la capture

SKS pool is gone update you pius, caff and other tools

I'm too lazy to look for it, but the key servers that made the sks pool are all gone.  $ dig A ; <<>> DiG 9.18.21 <<>> A ;; global options: +cmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 58853 ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 1 ;; OPT PSEUDOSECTION: ; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 1232 ;; QUESTION SECTION: ;    IN    A ;; Query time: 1255 msec ;; SERVER: (UDP) ;; WHEN: Sun Feb 11 15:34:10 CET 2024 ;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 52 So all the tools that used to default to this won't work out of the box. For some reason, is still up. I have not used it in ages, so I don't know if it is still worth something. There is no more a pool but one server as far as I can tell : .  I spend a quick 20 minutes updating tools I found on Github : Github activity for the day.

Fosdem 2024 day two

 I started the day by attending Bogo 's talk about think that matter to your inner self. Things that make you happy, things that make you smile. For the first talk in Jansen on a Sunday, it was quite attended - bogo lost 5€ because of that. Plenty of nice music too - which was good for waking up. Next on my list was one in the webperf devroom. Unfortunately, it was too crowded, and many people were lining up, so I decided to skip. I moved my ass to building K. Supported the Fosdem by gifting myself with a hoody :). I then ran the KSP (Key signing party). I'm glad 13 people showed up. The party was quick and was probably the smallest KSP happening during a fosdem. I'm really happy that people showed up. Picture of people forming a circle in front of K building @ ULB to do a KSP Next was Florian 's talk . If there's a talk you want to watch after this FOSDEM edition this is the one, it explains how Mozilla tooled Firefox and the Firefox profiler in order to reduce th

Fosdem 2024 day one going down the memory lane

Today marked the first FOSDEM day. The official tag for social networks is #fosdem. The intro was nice because the presenter took some picture from my mastodon feed of yesterday. The auditorium was full and a lot of people raised their hand when asked if it was their first Fosdem. A full auditorium, Jansen I then listened to a few talks, the one from Ryan of the thunderbird project explaining how an Open Source project to think about sustainability. I learned there that the team was now 32 people - that's way way more than mozillamessaging never had. That was nice news. And then I started meeting people, that was a blast. Many old mozilla contributor, people from Thunderbird from the momo days. All in all 21 people. And I have not met everyone yet. I need to make group pictures. The talk about the 10 years of NetBSD was interesting, but more for the 2BSD news and the DPD-11 clone. The talk on I2P DNS was interesting, I learned a lot about I2P, but was disappointed that it wasn'

Dankje, merci, thanks fosdem volunteers

 I've been attending FOSDEM since 2004; I gave talks (in the Mozilla room) ; I helped with the Key Signing Party ; I ran the key signing party ; I bitched against the network, when data roaming in Europe was not a thing ; I have help organize a room. And once I had registered to volunteer cleaning up on the Sunday evening - which was pretty quick, I don't remember it being a Fuss. So for all the FOSDEM I attended, things were smooth - very smooth. But I didn't realize how much work being smooth meant. Now I know :-p I've spent a good time of my Friday, preparing building H, the historical FOSDEM building. Protecting the walls This started by easy tasks, setting up tables and tables clothes. Then adding chairs, banks, trashes and building the InfoDesk in building H. Once all this was done the idea was to make everything ULB related disappear. Here comes me and a few volunteers, tapping brow paper over all the billboards. And there are many of these in the smallish cor