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Work week it's been a while

 I'm just finishing a work week. It's been a while, my last one was one employer ago and in 2019. I'm coming out all energized and with a clear vision of where the team I work with is going.  Things are going to be rough for a few more months and then should start to smooth out. I've managed to meet un bunch of people I work with on a daily basis. Had fun around Madrid, mapping and visiting a bit. I of course collected a few pieces of swag. I took the opportunity to evangelize mozilla nightly by distributing stickers. A few of the laptop from y colleagues all over the world will be nicely decorated. I hope this will trigger a higher nightly usage amongst these coworkers.

is 17" too big ?

My work machine is currently a ThinkPad P17, t's probably the biggest laptop I have ever used for work (or probably un general).  I was taken by surprise when it arrived, but I've come to like the fact that there is no HDPI like on my previous X1s. It annoying you need to hold it with both hands while moving in the house. It's bulky, so kids are careful if/when they carry it. Tomorrow I'll be travelling for work, something I have not done since 2019. Now all my favorite laptop travel bags won't fit the damn computer. I when into the basement and even took out a bag I considered way too big when I was gifted with it. Even That bag is too small. I did find smallish backpacks which it fit in, now I need to make a choice. I'll make sure to take that into consideration if I get a say on my next work laptop and maybe just take a 16" and see if that fits in my laptop bags.

Caldav and CardDav ?

As part of my journey to start self-hosting email for my domain, I have found plenty of tutorials and solutions to "easily" setup SMTP,IMAP/POP and webmail, all of it securely. Now I'm looking at the solution available to add CalDav and CardDav on top of all of this. The obvious choice seems to be SoGO . Documentation seems decent, there are a few things on Archs wiki . I've been unable to find a how-to. SoGO looks like a very complete solution. I've used it, and I liked it. Now I'm thinking it might be overkill for my 10ish users (and I'll probably be the only one using it anyway). I've been looking at other solutions - but didn't find anything as complete. What are my options for caldav/cardav that would integrate with postfix/dovecot?

Bref je fais du support

Mon métier aujourd'hui est de fournir un service de support aux utilisateurs qui ont choisi la solution logicielle que vend ma société. En pratique, l'utilisateur rencontre un problème avec le produit et je dois l'aider à résoudre le problème en question. Il peut aussi poser des questions, mais les questions rentrent aussi dans le champ des équipes avant vente et de service.  Dans les faits, la surface des produits que nous commercialisons est assez énorme et j'apprends tous les jours. C'est compliqué parfois, juste de suivre le rythme des sorties, des bugs et des nouvelles fonctionnalités – mais cela fait partie du jeu. Nous avons des boites à outils pour potentiellement analyser les problèmes des produits, et pour reproduire une bonne partie des conditions des clients. Il sera toujours difficile de reproduire de la masse (quelques milliers de clients qui se connecte à une BDD par exemple). Nous travaillons en équipe, jamais seul. C'est super pour apprendre, pr