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looking for Forum software

 So I've been thinking about running a forum for some miniatures games I like, because most of the interaction is on meta's Facebook. So I've been shopping around, my requirements are quite simple : - PostgreSQL as the backend - something available using a browser on a phone based on the places I interact "often" in the open source world, I decided to see how discourse would be. Unfortunately, a docker distribution mechanism isn't for me, as I don't intend to run a support docker platform as the OS for this project. And that's all what's offered on Discource website. I tried my luck at following this old blog post about running discourse docker less . Again out of luck, this turned out to not work because one of the gems won't build (said gem requires pyhton2). And so I gave up. Went back to looking at forum software comparison, only finding stuff hosted on one such platform provider. Have not decided yet if I want to continue or just drop the