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Lecture de Mars 2022

 T1-T6 "Les beaux étés" de Zidrou & Jordi Lafebre - chronique de vacances des années 70, une tribu belge qui visite la France. J'ai adoré la narration, le style. L'adoption - QINAYA de Zidrou & Monin, une histoire simple sur l'amour.

Fedora 36

Aujourd'hui je suis passé à Fedora 36 - afin de participer aux tests. J'ai perdu Virtual-Box - le module pour la version du noyau n'est pas packagé. Et j'ai perdu une extension gnome qui permet d'avoir les applis au même endroit qu'en gnome 3.x - mais l'extension n'est pas encore compatible gnome 42.

Linux != Ubuntu or he shittiest install script I've seen in a while

I started my professional carrier writing shell script to install Some closed source software on Unix machines running different shells, utilities etc ... (Say hello to HP-UX, AIX, SunOS, Solaris, Tru64). I run Fedora 35 as my desktop work machine, reasons are because at mozilla we used RHEL and CentOS and I thought it would be a nice idea to contribute to the core OS used on our system by running Fedora. So when I've received my new work laptop (eg 3.4 Kg is not a laptop anymore, but can't complain it's 17"), I installed Fedora and made sure that vagrant would work on it.  My first requirement was some protection software from work. Fedora is not supported, but the installer worked as did the binaries, yeah. The second requirement from work is a VPN, whose installer is distributed for FreeBSD 11, Ubuntu 18 and 20 and via a tarball. The Documentation says it won't work on Fedora. I was curious and didn't want to install ubuntu 'just' for a VPN. So I fir