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Giving NomadBSD a spin

 Today I got a nice USB key, that does both USB-A and USB-C connectivity. So I followed the instructions on the download page . Tried to download from the London based mirror, but that led to a 404. Looked at the contact page and got all pumped up because they are present on, just a `join` away. Unfortunately, the channel is empty, but *registered*. So my options are either mailing list or forum. I went for the thing that works email. Email sent. I downloaded from anothe mirror and dded the image to the usb stick.  Rebooted and chose boot from usdb to get the following screen: And here you go for a second email on the mailing list. I think I might try booting in bios, not uefi mode, but would like to see if people on the project are active. Edit: Mirror issue is fixed and affected New York as well. I tried to boot on another machine and got similar results. Switching to legacy boot didn't work either.